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  • Lifetime summary stats, independent from log
  • Free log quota of 500 per project
  • Full range of stats pages
  • Supports secure https sites
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StatCounter offers what we believe is the best free web analytics service in the world - it is StatCounter's foundation, and we constantly strive to improve it. In fact, our free service offers more than most pay-only services! However, some of our members have demanded even more, and so we have introduced a number of optional upgrades to enhance the service available for such users.

O nosso serviço gratuito é indicado para sites com 250,000 carregamentos de páginas por mês ou menos e oferece estatísticas sumarizadas vitalícias e uma análise detalhada dos seus 500 últimos carregamentos de páginas.

Upgraded Services

If you find your site growing beyond 250,000 pageloads a month, or requiring detailed analysis of more pageloads, you can optionally upgrade at any time from your free account (when logged in, click on the 'Upgrade' link):

Qual é o seu tamanho de log?

StatCounter offers lifetime summary stats covering all your pageloads for free. However in addition we also offer the most detailed analysis available anywhere for a smaller number of your latest pageloads. Your log-size determines how many pageloads are covered by this vastly more detailed analysis. The free service offers a log-size of 500 pageloads, however upgraded services offer more.